These websites (further also referred to as „our websites“, „web“, „webpages“ ) are operated by ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”) .We are committed to protect and respect your privacy. These principles of the use of cookie files reflect the foundation for use of cookies files on our websites. Please, read carefully following principles and in case you have any questions or you disagree, contact us on ; Please do so prior to using our websites. These principles can be modified from time to time to reflect updates on the websites. We recommend you keep up to date with these modifications to make sure you agree with the most update version. These principles are valid as of 1 June 2020.

Our conditions for use of cookies files

During your visit to the websites you will automatically receive one (or possibly more) cookies file on your computer that is used to ensure you get the best experience and to provide you with an optimal service.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when browsing. Thanks to this file, the website can recognize for example the search engine or device you use and reproduce those details during your next visit to simplify your browsing experience.

When uses cookies files?

The cookie files on websites are set by us and potentially by third parties (subjects with whom we have signed contract). Commonly used cookie files are so called one-time relational and persistent files. One-time relational cookies files are permanently deleted after the browsing session ends. On the contrary, persistent cookies are stored on your computer until they expire (maximum 2 years) or are removed from your computer by yourself. The files allow our company to recognize your repeated visit.

What type of cookies files the uses on its websites?

Cookies can be used for many different purposes. They can recognize you when you visit the websites and provide you with a customized environment according to your settings. Cookies also increase the security and speed of your browsing experience when using websites. Cookies also allow us to offer you ads on and off the websites and provide you with customized features through plug-ins such as the "Share" button for social media sites.

Type of a cookie Purpose of its use and further information
Verification If you are logged in to the website, cookies help us to show you the right information and personalize your environment
Security We use cookies to support security features that can detect malicious activity and violation of the User‘s Agreement
Optimization These files allow us to track anonymous user data (such as click trends) and provide a long-lasting and hassle-free website for all site users.
Preferences, functions and services Cookies tell us what language you prefer and what your communication settings are. They can also help you fill out forms on the website. They can also provide you with customized content and information through our plug-ins.
Advertising We also use cookie files to show you relevant advertising, both on and off websites, in collaboration with third parties, in particular to help us evaluate and improve our relationship with you. It helps us to see which ad was shown and was interesting for you and also suited your needs and interests.
Analytical statistical Cookies are used to understand how our website visitors use and access the site. Their experience can be optimized in terms of user needs to make them as user-friendly as possible. Among other things, cookies help us to understand how our site works in different locations.
Performance This type is important for the proper functioning of the website, improving the user experience. They will help us to remember your preferences to make your next visit more convenient and easier to browse.
Necessary The necessary cookie files are used to make the website work properly - so they remember your preferences and other information so you don't have to re-enter it.

Control over cookies

You may refuse to store cookies on your device completely or partially. Most browsers allow you to set preferences for cookies in their settings.

If you want to refuse or remove all cookies, you can do so in your browser. However, the rejection of cookies will have a negative effect on the usability not only of our site, but all others. For your convenience, we recommend that you enable cookies when you visit our website and keep them on your computer after your current visit.

If you are interested in getting more information about cookie files we use, please contact us via email on: