Beautifully simple cash flow planning

Track your income, recurring payments and plan your future expenses that will impact your personal cash flow. Get a bigger overview of your finances, visualized.


Focused on personal and small business finances

Gettin' trouble with big future expenses is over. Supervise your budget and observe what's coming next months. There are many milestones in life. Buy a house, get a new car, raise a family… These things could cause stress and a money gap on your household or business. Sumfee gives you the convenience of visual cash timeline for your plans. Even if you didn't plan them.

Set your income

If you are an employee, you just set your monthly revenue. When you are a freelancer or you just have more sources of income, you can simply track them separately.

Track your ordinary
monthly expenses

There are a few big lines in your monthly expense list. Simply set recurring payments like your rent, food, car, clothes. You can set how many expenses you want.

Get bigger frame
of your future cashflow

After setting your income and expense, magic begins. You get overview for next months and you can plan bigger expenses or changes in your cash flow. Now you know what will affect the future development of your finances.

What’s coming next?

10 / 2020

Categories and statistics

10 / 2020

Wouldn't it be nice to have a category tag on every item? No problem. With these tags we will also improve our statistics overview.

11 / 2020

Two-factor authentication

11 / 2020

We care about security. We will add another layer to secure your data by enabling two-factor authentication.

12 / 2020


12 / 2020

Need to observe more separate budgets? Set any number of wallets you want and need to achieve your goals. Share your wallet for read-only access.

02 / 2021

New recurring periods

02 / 2021

New various options for recurring items is coming to the Sumfee. Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly period will be added.